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While customers rave about his cooking, anyone who knows the chef is captivated by his personality. True to his humble Jamaican roots, he has never forgotten the opportunities he received as a fledgling chef with his Caribbean employer, and extends the same compassionate, receptive consideration to co-workers, which turns into a strong motivation for his team.

His memorable personality and meals have brought many celebrities to sample his cooking, including Magic Johnson, Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Campbell, Hillary Clinton, Avril Lavigne, Donald Trump and Jamie Foxx. When he is building a plate, though, it is done with the same conscientious attitude, regardless of the customer. 

Chef Patrick’s panache in the kitchen is primed to escalate as he constantly challenges himself with creating new flavor profiles and infusing his heritage with current trends. “If you’re enjoying the meal, that’s all I want,” he declares. “It’s about the passion and satisfying my customers with great and memorable food.”


• Bloomingdales’s (multiple)
• Taste of Times Square (multiple)
• Island Insider TV (multiple)
• iFood TV
• Potato Latke Festival competition
• Tasting Panel Magazine feature
• JULIB web feature
• Service excellence award - Royal Caribbean   Cruise line
• NBC holiday menu special appearance
• Taste of Ebony magazine
• Macy’s Culinary Council (multiple)
• Go Green Harlem Cookbook (feature)
• Harlem newspaper (feature)
• Disney Cruise line
• Royal Caribbean Cruise line
• Hundreds of menu developments
• Restaurant consultant